The Natural Water Filtration System     

How much water will the AquRain produce?

Our factory testing has established a water production rate of approximately one gallon per hour for the AquaRain® Model 404. This maximum production figure has been established with clean fully wetted elements and relatively clear water. Keeping the upper vessel as full as possible, perhaps refilling every fifteen minutes, is essential to reach the maximum production potential.

New, dry elements will need several gallons of water run through them, sometimes 10 or 12, before they are fully wetted and reach their maximum flow rate. In normal usage, water for filtration is placed in the upper vessel in the evening and allowed to filter through overnight. In the morning, most of the water should have filtered through into the lower dispensing container. Additional water may then be added to the upper container for filtration during the day. If maximum production is desired, it will be necessary to keep the upper vessel as full as possible, perhaps refilling every fifteen minutes.

Over time, small particulates and bacteria may accumulate on the walls of the elements and slow the production of water through the filter. When this occurs, simply remove each of the filter elements and lightly clean the hard surface of the ceramic with a brush or the scrub pad provided. Proper cleaning will restore the filter to full flow rates, each and every time.
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How long do the filter elements last?

There are two parts to the filter elements; the ceramic shell, and the granulated carbon filling. Cleaning of the ceramic shell is what wears out the ceramic portion of the filter. Over time, particulates and bacteria clog the microscopic pores of the ceramic, slowing down the flow rate. Occasional cleaning with a small brush or the enclosed green scrub pad will restore the original flow rates. Eventually, cleaning of the ceramic will wear the walls down, making them thinner. When the attached gauge can fit over the diameter of the ceramic, you know it is time to replace the element. Our ceramic formulation is very hard and will endure many cleanings, perhaps over 200 if moderate care is taken and light pressure is used. In normal usage this equates to thousands of gallons of water that can be filtered.

The inner carbon filter works by adsorbing and/or reducing certain chemicals, and has a finite lifetime based on the concentration of the compounds being reduced. Generally speaking, the carbon capacity should exceed the life of the ceramic portion of the filter when processing water from most sources. Annual replacement of cartridges should guarantee sufficient carbon capacity for maximum protection. Please note that should the carbon become exhausted, that the elements are still fully effective for the removal of protozoic cysts and harmful bacteria, provided the remaining ceramic wall thickness still has useful life.
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How do you clean the ceramic elements?

The ceramic elements are very easy to clean. You simply remove them from the upper container, and while holding the threaded end of the filter upright, brush lightly downward toward the end cap. After you have lightly cleaned the surface, simply rinse and reinstall the element . Occasionally it will be necessary to lightly abrade the surface with the supplied green pad to restore full flow rate, perhaps after 3 to 5 brush cleanings.
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How do you store the filter system?

If you wish to store the AquaRain® Natural Water Filter, simply remove the filter elements and allow them to completely air dry for at least 24 hours or more. Dry the containers and all parts, then slide the lower container into the upper container to nest them together for compact storage.
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Has the AquaRain been laboratory tested?


Extensive independent testing is the key to proving the performance of any water filter product. The ceramic filter media used in the AquaRain® Natural Water Filter has been thoroughly tested by independent laboratories and government agencies. In fact, an especially difficult testing program has been used where expended "worn out" elements have been tested to positively demonstrate that the ceramic elements remain fully effective throughout their entire life. To the best of our knowledge, no other manufacturer has dared to test in this manner.

There still remain special additional state testing and filing requirements as yet not completed that prohibit us from making specific health claims in the states of California, Iowa or Wisconsin. Back to List of FAQs

AquaRain Size Specifications

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